In Warsaw, The Capital city of Poland is located the Warsaw Museum of Diving.

The museum has many interesting exhibits. The history of Diving is displayed with drawings of early divers. From here we are taken to the history of pre-war.

Polish diving using the Polish Navy's Siebe Gorman equipment.
Here we see an Emil Carlsson 12 bolt /4 Bolt helmet in excellent condition.

A Russian Pump in good condition.

A Russian 3 bolt 1967 helmet and rare telephone box.



2 Frogmans suits in great preserved condition.

Here we have 2 Russian military rebreathers from the 1960's

The museum is located at Grzybowska 88 Street. The opening hours are Tuesdays 11am to 6pm. The Museum can also be opened by request . The concept of the museum is to be of interest not only to divers but to young people interested in learning to dive. There are numerous other exibits from around the world including a Ludvig von Bremen helmet and a Schrader helmet. There are also various artifacts recovered from the sea bed and exibits to teach about environmental preservation topics.

We would like to thank Karina Kowalska for contributing the information and pictures in this article and hope you may be able to visit the museum when next in Warsaw.

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