Veracruz City is the capital of Veracruz State in Mexico. The City of Veracruz was the first city built by the Spaniards in 1519 and is one of the oldest and finest ports on the Gulf coast of Mexico. There are many old and finely preserved buildings.
The aquarium is one of the most important in Latin America and houses a salt water and a fresh water tank as well as an ocean tank with hundreds of different species. The aquarium is located in the Avila Camacho boulevard, playon de Hornas and also is the site of the Naval Museum.

The museum houses an interesting collection of diving equipment particularly Draeger equipment.

The Draeger helmets are a particular feature.

Desco lightweight Canvas diving boots and Siebe Gorman sand shoes are displayed on mannequins.

A Sailorís valuables safe, a cannon ball and a rare Divers Weight Belt.

Photos courtesy of and Thanks to Jaime Sadurni