We had always believed there were only two Brazilian helmet manufacturers but recently discovered a completely unseen style of helmet made by a company called ETERNE. Further research is required to find more about the place of manufacture of this unique type of helmet.

As with other shallow water helmets this bonnet splits from the breastplate for the insertion of a short jacket.
There are steel weight carriers on the front and rear of the helmet. There are four brass windows, the top and side windows having grills for protection. The front window also has a grill and unscrews from the frame.
Initially we thought the helmet was made from aluminium or some aluminium alloy but the weight of the helmet quickly confirms this is not the case. We understand from the person who previously owned this helmet that it is made from an alloy of Antimony which is mined in Brazil. The texture of the metal is indeed similar to Babbitt metal and it would seem possible this is the type of metal which would withstand corrosion and abrasion and is much stronger than Aluminium.

The helmet is simpler in design than both the Person and the Ford shallow water helmet. It does not have an exhaust valve so build up of carbon dioxide from the diverís expired air may have been a problem if a large volume of fresh air to flush the helmet through was not available.

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