On the Nemrod 12 bolt 3 light helmet you can clearly see the Siebe Gorman influence. The helmet's volume however is larger than the Siebe Gorman helmet of the same era. The bonnet has a crowned top with a vertical zig-zag seam running down the rear of the bonnet.

The air outlet or exhaust takes several forms including the banana shape ending at the rear of the helmet, the traditional vertical style and the Swedish Navy type as is this example. The inlet non return valve is incorporated in the gooseneck.There is a Siebe Gorman style telephone gooseneck.The bonnet locking device is similar to the Mark V helmet device.

The circular brass nametag reads Nemrod EL Cazidor.

Front View Rear side view with exhaust valve
Nemrod Badge Crowned top and rear seam
This is the 12 bolt 3 light NEMROD helmet with the banana exhaust outlet, the air is discharged at the rear of the helmet. The non-return valve is fitted to and not part of the air inlet gooseneck.

The badge bears the name EQUIPOS NEMROD with the same company logo as the helmet above.

Photo courtesy of David Falcó Rodriguez

La Spirotechnique

Another great Spanish diving helmet, # 142, created by La Spirotechnique from Barcelona. This helmet looks new and never used. It has a hand beaten breastplate and bonnet. It is a bit weird that the spitcock handle points inwards....

J Carbonell Gimeno

Little is currently known about this manufacturer. We believe this 4 light 12 bolt helmet was made around 1940 in Barcelona. In common with other Spanish makers the helmet badge is highly decorated. The jock strap appears to be fixed to the helmet by a brail bolt at the front of the helmet and there are 2 lashing eyes above the front window. This helmet, number 134 is in very good condition.

Photo Courtesy of Mariano Para

Helmet number 131 made around 1940 this is a four light 12 bolt helmet made by J Carbonell Gimeno of Barcelona.

The helmet has no telephone connector and the non- return valve is built into the air inlet gooseneck.

Photo courtesy of David Falcó Rodriguez