What do you do if you want to own a shallow water helmet but it is not available or you cannot afford one ? You build it yourself of course ! Here are some examples of handymen all over the world. Maybe it will inspire you to get your toolbox out and start making one yourself !

Photo courtesy of Vesa Auvinen

A great helmet that seems simple to make...

Tight fit...

What about this: A milk can diving helmet....

Let's call him "Rusty"

Cast helmet with aluminum parts

Similar to a Miller Dunn helmet

Nice homemade helmet with air inlet on the side and weights on front an back. You can see the polstering that was attached to save the shoulders of the diver. Unknown manufacturer.

Shallow water helmet, unknown manufacturer. Sorry, only the side view is available. Courtesy of Leon Lyons

Hat with the air inlet on the back and double weights. One set on the helmet, one on chest and back. Unknown manufacturer.

A shallow water helmet made from a galvanised water tank. Lead weights are permanently fixed to the helmet . Vision is limited as there is one small window.
Air entry is via a spigot connector at the top and there is a lifting eye adjacent to the air connector. Photo courtesy of the Clint Greene collection.

Photo courtesy of the Clint Greene collection.
A galvanised helmet using a Mark V whip hose for direct connection to a Mark V hose . There is a valve for adjusting the air flow to the helmet. The large window gives good all round vision to the wearer. There are remnants of a suit around the edges , fixed by the bolts at the sides.
Photo courtesy of the Clint Greene collection.

Shallow water helmet, unknown manufacturer. The front glass is made of Plexiglas and the weights are integrated in the hat !

Need we say more about this item ? Photo courtesy of Seahawk Trading Co.

A FYBERGLASS home made shallow water helmet. Unknown manufacturer but a cool color !
Photo courtesy of Seahawk Trading Co.

Conrad Warren Divin'Hood


If you think shallow water helmets were only made at home in the old days you are wrong!
Have a look at this wonderful hat designed and build by our buddy Conrad Warren from California. Courtesy of Conrad.

Shallow water helmet made from wood with a wide view window.
In common with most shallow water helmets this helmet would require weights to make the helmet negatively buoyant.

Photo courtesy of Richard D'Onofrio