Joseph Scauda was a helmet manufacturer based in Marseille. He started his company in 1898 and continued until around 1945. Joseph Martin Cabirol had developed the 12 bolt design and manufactured helmets for a brief period until around 1865 . The design was continued by Joseph Scauda into the 20th Century. The 12 bolt style was not favoured by some of the other better known French designers who adopted the 3 bolt design. Rene Piel was the main exception as he manufactured 12 bolt and 3 bolt helmets as well as the lock or no bolt design. Scaudaís design has a characteristically wide top as you can see from the helmets below and the top window is placed very close to the front window.The side windows and top window are very plain in design and resemble the sponge hat design.

Very nice 12 bolt helmet. It has reinforced brales.
Photo courtesy by Enzo from France

This Joseph Scauda helmet has the same reinforced brails and lashing eyes.
The raised reinforced brails were designed to add strength.
This helmet has the makerís plate. The 4th window or top light is located in a position very close to the
front window thus allowing the diver to see above by moving just his eyes rather than his whole head.