Professor Doctor Roman Wojtusiak was born in 1906 . He was a biologist at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. His studies centred on underwater Biology in the Baltic Sea and the Adriatic Sea. In 1935 and in need of a diving helmet to study the biology of the sea bottom he built this open water helmet to use during his observations. Open water helmets were not used in Europe and he was one of the first European scientist to use such equipment. A front and back weight were secured to the helmet to counter the positive buoyancy of the large volume helmet..
Above are pictures of the helmet built by Professor Wojusiak and used by him and his team from 1936 until 1987 (with some breaks).
The Historic Diving Society Poland built the replica shown above using modern materials such as stainless steel, silicone etc…
The helmet was used during their annual Retro-Divers meeting at the Mazurien Lake District which is located in the North East of Poland at the end of September 2007.
Also seen here was a Russian 3 bolt helmet in use at the same time as the replica Wojtusiak helmet.

All photos and information thanks to Wieslaw Wachowski HDS Poland