The Museum of underwater activities in Piran , Slovenia displays a wide range of exhibits charting the underwater history from the early years to modern times. There is a special emphasis on the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy , the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, The Kingdom of Italy , The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the modern Slovenia.


Seen here displayed are model divers including, Galeazzi from Italy, Siebe Gorman from England , Heinke also from England , as well as Russian and German models .

There are also pumps and other heavy or standard equipment displayed.


There are exhibits showing various forms of diving both with and without diving dress. There is information relating to wrecks in the Adriatic Sea, rescues from wrecks and submarines as well as a section on the more modern sport diving with displays of twin hose regulators and many interesting pictures. There is even a section dedicated to the well known Slovene divers from the Slovene coast between Trieste and the Timavo River , which is now a part of Italy.


Here we see a representative model of the 2 diver's tenders above the water pumping air to the diver below who is exploring a sunken ship. There are also many historical exhibits such as the old regulators for helmet diving including the Denayrouze system , submarine models, uniforms and personal items helping us to build up a picture of the underwater life of our ancestors, their toils , the dangers they faced and the difficult working conditions. On a lighter side though there is also a section on sport diving and diving for fun .

The town of Piran is an old and quiet place and one of Slovenia's most beautiful coastal towns, situated on Lake Piran which is in the Gulf of Venice. It is perched on a tiny promontory and was part of the Venetian empire from the Late 13th century until the end of the 18th century. As well as visiting the Museum you may also like to visit the aquarium . The Museum has a website at

With thanks to and courtesy of Zarco and Jean-Patrick Paszula for this article.