In 1930, Charles Petit died and his son in law,  René Piel continued the business producing helmets after the Denayrouze design.

Piel produced:

  • 3 bolt helmets
  • 12 bolt helmets
  • Lock helmets

We are proud to be able to show them all to you.

3 bolt

Bert Dodde  with a very nice Piel 3 bolt helmet.
You have to hold one to know how great it feals!
Photo courtesy: Wreck museum Terschelling, The Netherlands

12 bolt

An early 12 bolt Piel helmet. The pictures are a bit dark but you can clearly see the round shape of the corselet.
It is copied from early Siebe helmets that had this round shape as well.

Here is a more recent Rene Piel 12 bolt helmet Model 89-113 The front view displays the 4 light style and the guarded top window.
The rear view reveals an old modification. There has been a Craftsweld telephone transceiver and connector added.
This has been professionally modified. The side view clearly displays the classic French styling.

Photo courtesy of The Clint Greene collection

A 12 bolt 4 light helmet in original unmodified condition. The air ducts can be seen through the large front port and the original tinned finish can be seen inside.
The rear view of the helmet shows the original locking pin device. There is no telephone device fitted.

Lock style helmet

Have a look at this fantastic lock style helmet. The collar of the dress clamps between the bonnet and the breastplate and is helt in place by the locking device. This is an old helmet, built way before the diver's telephone became in use. It was intended for usage with the speaking tube. You can see the connection on top, where ones the speaking tube was attached. At a later date, a comms elbow and transceiver were built in. What a great helmet... 
Photo courtesy:  Peter Ryngaert