A Charles Petit helmet in almost mint condition. The connection on the top of the bonnet is for the acoustic telephone favoured by French makers of helmets.
A close up of the maker's Badge showing the factory address in Paris

Photo courtesy of Eric Bonnel

In 1895, Charles Petit took over the rights from Auguste Denayrouze and continued his buniness producing diving helmets. This continued until 1920, when he started a partnership with René Piel.

Photo Courtesy Louis Jacques Virgona.

Here above we have a rare No Bolt Charles Petit helmet in pristine condition . The helmet has 4 lights , the front light being screwed into place . The name plate is located under the weight . There are weight lugs at the front of the helmet . This helmet bears great resemblance to the Siebe Gorman No bolt helmet . Check it out in the Siebe Gorman section.

A regular 3 bolt Petit helmet. This one served in the SMIT salvage company from Holland. 
Notice the name on the neckring. The exhaust valve is missing.

Front and rear view of a Charles Petit 12 bolt helmet, the rear view showing the vibraphone telephone connection on the top of the helmet and the chained locking pin used to prevent the bonnet unscrewing from the breastplate.
Side views of the helmet showing the exhaust valve and position of the lashing eyes.

Photos courtesy of David Falcó i Rodriguez
Director Tècnic.

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