I was particularly amazed to see the wonderful collection of lightweight helmets and face masks, and the information provided about each item. Would you like another one to add to the collection? How about the British made Normalair full face mask. I have a complete set in my possession, which includes twin cylinders, which are now no longer fit to fill due to modern safety regulations. But the mask easily fits onto a modern cylinder, as long as low pressure is used (1800psi).


I recently had the mask back in the water for a trial and it works very well indeed. I have attached a couple of photos for you to see. The black and white picture is from the front page of the original Normanlair manual, which came with the set purchased in 1959. The coloured photo is of me diving in the mask a few weeks ago. The mask has an integrated snorkel, which has a valve on it to be closed when one dives and opened when back on the surface. Have you ever seen the Normalair mask before?

I must rush right now, but be in touch if you wish to have more detail. Very best wishes to you from Downunder!


Thanks for the valuable contribution Des!