Seen here is Wil Kuijpers from Holland preparing for a dive in the North Sea.
He is using a compressed air set made by Loos & Co. ca. 1972 Check out
the French section of the Virtual Knives Collection. You will see the La
Spirotechnique knife used by Wil on the training vessel Hr Ms Soemba in
Den Oever Holland around 1972. Photo courtesy of Wil Kuijpers.

This picture was taken moments later. Wil and his buddy can be seen here using
the compressed air set type Loos & Co D2. Wil's buddy can be see using the full
face mask which was designed for the Navy for this type of set. A nose clip was
used with the full face mask to allow the diver to equalise the pressure. The scuba
type configuration with a separate regulator and mask was an unusual
arrangement not often found in the Navy in those days.

Dräger DM 220 gear being tested in a pool.




Another day at the office: DESCO air hat in full action, emerging from a paper pulp vat

A diver of the New South Wales Police Diving Unit in Australia is about to enter the water in a drysuit and a KirbyMorgan bandmask. His attendant makes adjustments to the portable air panel that supplies air from the surface

Dräger CCBS diving gear for depths up to 600 meters in full action. Photo courtesy of Dräger.

KirbyMorgan Superlight in full action


Main dish for every professional diver: welding, welding, welding. Diver wearing a Superlight 17b with homemade weld lens frame. (the original DSI (Kirby Morgan) ones are machined brass sand castings which are electro statically powder coated) and home made bracket on the handle for lights, cameras etc.

Lets drool .....Look at this guy in his KirbyMorgan Superlight helmet. Truly fantastic !

Professional diver Aaron Griffin from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with his KirbyMorgan "baby" superlight 17b equipment and his tender Mike Babiski after a wall inspection in the Welland canal.

Here is a picture of Christof Matthijs (left) in Siebe Gorman 6 bolt rig and Neil Palmer in a Kirby 17b and hot water suit during their training at Fort Bovisand.