From all the companies that were introduced to you in the Historical Section of this site, only a few continued their efforts in the manufacturing of modern diving equipment. From those who started, even less are present on the market today. The competition in the commercial diving industry is tough. On top of this, new technology like ROV's sometimes make the diver redundant.  In this section we will present companies that are no longer in business, still in business or new on the market. If you feel a company is missing, please let us know at

About lightweight helmets

Lightweight helmets have advantages over (band)masks. First, there is the safety of the completely rigid head protection provided. Second is the excellent two-way communications afforded without the necessity of shutting off the air or holding your breath and third is the complete protection against ear infection. The godfather of the modern lightweight helmet is Joe Savoie. All other succesfull commercial hats later followed his concept.

In general you will find positively and negatively buoyant helmets. The first ones (like the Swindell and the Aquadyne AH-2) have a large volume, they are kept in place by a jock-strap and the head moves freely inside them.They tend to float in the water. The second group (like the Miller and the Savoie) have a small volume, are kept in place by a chin strap or jock strap and when the diver moves his head, the whole helmet moves. These helmets tend to sink in the water. They are much easier to swim with.






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