This company from Miami Florida was world famous for their shallow water diving helmets. However, they made a small number of MkV's as well. These helmets have some rare features, compared to other MkV's. These days they are a rare find.

A closer look

Recently, we were contacted by our friend Jack Schrader. He wrote: 

"Dear Bert and Karin,


Here are some photos of my early Miller Dunn Mark V serial # 12.  This hat is dated 7-1-43. There are some features shown on this particular helmet that are unique to only the very early MD Mk V. First and most obviously, the breastplate straps and nuts were tinned. The second obviously unique feature is found in the inner radius of both the communications and air inlet elbows. As you can see in the photo, there is an additional “reinforcing rib” of material in the inner radius of both.  This feature disappeared about the time the serial numbers reached the 90's. The transceiver recess is also of a different and more crudely done style than found on later MD hats. By referring to page 117 of Mr. Leon Lyons truly excellent book Helmets of the Deep, you can see photos of a later hat serial number 1083 dated 9-1-44. By comparing these photos, the differences become quite apparent. I have also included photos of the stampings on the under sides of the breastplate straps to show another unique feature. The early straps were stamped “Front” and “Rear”, while later straps were stamped “Front” and “Back”. The least noticeable difference is found in the absence of serial number stampings on the superior surface of the neck rings. This was only done on the later hats. With my very best wishes to you both, Jack Schrader, member HDS-USA."

Solid straps stamped FRONT and REAR

Tinned nuts and straps

additional “reinforcing ribs” 

Different style transceiver

Thanks ones again Jack for this fantastic contribution!

Look at helmet number 917 from 1944.

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