Unknown producer

Beautiful tinned small volume helmet. Who can tell us more about it ? Photo courtesy of Seahawk Company.

Dave Clark diving helmets

Next to his job as a professional diver, Dave remained active as producer of diving helmets as well. Have a look at helmet # 8 that was completed about 1977. Photo courtesy of Dave Clark. 

Helmet # 11 was completed in 1989. It was produced especially for Dave's son Steve. Photo courtesy: Dave Clark.

Helmet # 12 was completed in 2002. The air control valve is different than the one on the preceeding #11.  This valve is
machined from silicon bronzeand should be good to about 1500 PSI. Photo courtesy: Dave Clark.

Helmet # 13 was also finished in 2002. Note the different style of side lights. Photo courtesy: Dave Clark

On the job !

Enough said! Let's go to work. 

1970 Lake Mead Nevada USA. Drilling blast holes and tying detonator cord for a 4000 pound explosive shot. 
Photo courtesy of Dave Clark.

1980 Cozumel Mexico. Installing cast iron cable protectors on power cable.
Photo courtesy of Dave Clark.

1989 Edmonds Washington USA. Going to work on a foggy morning to lay 39" pipe.
Photo courtesy of Dave Clark.

Dave Clark with his # 12 Helmet in the workshop.
Photo courtesy of Guy Score.

Many thanks to helmet producer and professional diver David L. Clark for his fantastic help on this part.