Diverís Air Resevoir

It has been found that with the downward stroke of the diverís air pump by either a lever action or rotary action a rush of air was notice in the diverís helmet. This was not the case when air was supplied to the diver by a compressor which in turn charged an air bank or air receiver.
In order to relieve any discomfort to the diver, German makers of Standard Diving Equipment introduced a small air reservoir in the diverís air line between the pump and the air supply hose. These were made of copper or steel, the copper ones lasting much longer as any moisture could condensate inside the receiver and turn the metal rusty. A small valve was fitted to the base of the receiver by which water could be drained off.
A pressure gauge was fitted to the top of the receiver. In the picture above the receiver can be seen to the rear of the diver.

A German Air receiver made from copper on a steel stand, to the rear of the receiver are two hose connections the lower one being for incoming air from the pump and the upper one, air going to the diver.


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