When you consult a US Navy diving manual you will read:

"The use of the term knife is misleading as the instrument is actually a utility tool for prying, hacking, sawing or cutting such material as wood, wire, or manilla rope and sheet metal. As such, the knife represents a compromise of the individual features that go to make up the knife".

Knifes are very important to diver safety. A diver should never go down without his knife. There are many beautiful knifes in the world. We intend to create the worlds' largest virtual diving knife collection as a resource for our viewers all over the world. We cannot do this on our own. Please contribute! Get your knife(s) out, put them on a white board, take pictures the way we did and send the picture with the additional information. All will be displayed giving you the courtesy of course. 
We made the start, please help us grow!