Company information

Divex are world leaders in the supply and manufacture of diving and subsea equipment for commercial, professional, military and recreational divers. Through strategic acquisitions and growth Divex has expanded to address the growing demands of the present subsea market.

Although established as Gas Services Offshore Limited in 1980 with its specialist Diver Helium Gas Recovery System, Divex can trace its pedigree back to 1790 as Barry, Henry and Cook, an Aberdeen based iron foundry with its engineering works in Loch Street, Aberdeen. Through acquisition and merger. Divex now combines some of the best known names in the underwater industry such as Seaforth Kinergetics, Sub Sea Services, OME, Aqualogistics, Foundrometers, Submarine Products, Clearbrook Engineering, Magpie, Mara Engineering, General Diving Systems and Spiro Diving Services. In 1997 the merger with UWI Circle further strengthened Divex as a major player in the supply of technological expertise and equipment for the subsea industry.

Arawak V

The Arawak V helmet is an early Divex product. It is a 3 light helmet, the diver was to move his head inside it. The Arawak V is a closed circuit (push-pull) diving sysstem that supports the saturation diver indepths of water from 200 to 1500 feet. It is especially designed for commercial use. The first time the push-pull concept was succesfully operational, was in the sealab projects with Arawak I and II equipment.

Breathing gas is taken from the atmosphere of a saturation system, wether PTC or submercible, and pumped to the diver through an umbilical. Diver exhaust gas, in turn, is pumped back to the bell for co2 scrubbing, reconstitution and reuse. 

Ultrajewel 601 "Dirty Harry"

The 'Dirty Harry' closed circuit diving system is designed to provide a safe and efficient surface supplied system which minimizes the risk of contact between the diver and the water in which he is diving. The basic method of achieving this is by providing a closed circuit breathing system whereby the divers exhausted gas is returned to the surface and exhausted to the atmosphere rather than exhausting into the water. The helmet is attached directly to the drysuit. The proven Ultrajewel 601/17c Reclaim Helmet is used in conjunction with a Diver Panel, Exhaust Control Panel and the 'Dirty Harry' Drysuit which is available in various materials. Major Components & Function Ultrajewel 601 Helmet Assembly The Ultrajewel 601 17c Reclaim Helmet consists principally of the Divex Ultraflow 601 Demand regulator and Ultrajewel 601 Exhaust Reclaim Regulator fitted to a Superlite 17c Helmet. The Ultrajewel 601 helmet is suitable for diving depths up to 450msw (and conforms to the HSE/NPD Work of Breathing requirements) and is designed to provide fully closed-circuit demand and exhaust functions which minimize the risk of water from the diving environment entering the diver's helmet. The Ultrajewel 17c helmet has the patented Ultrajewel 601 exhaust regulator. It is so simple it has only two moving parts and this two stage valve provides diver security. The DIVEX Ultraflow balanced 2nd stage regulator overcomes pressure fluctuations in the supply system allowing the valve to provide adequate breathing gas under all conditions. Typically, the pressure losses experienced in many dive panels and umbilicals often lead to a regulator not conforming with the HSE/NPD Guidelines for Breathing Resistance. The Ultraflow regulator permits a wide range of pressures to reach the helmet (between 5-20 bar) and still performs within the Guidelines. The helmet neck ring is bonded to the 'Dirty Harry' suit to prevent potential water ingress at the neckseal. Courtesy of Divex.