The unique diving helmets created for Walt Disney’s 1954 movie version of Jules Verne’s classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
are among the most easily recognized “hardhats” of all time, and remain popular among divers and movie fans to the present day.
In all, 18 functional helmets were made: one for Captain Nemo (with a headlamp on top);
twelve “Crowntop” Crew Divers; and five less-adorned Crew Diver helmets commonly called “Baldies”.
After filming was done, the helmets met with various fates over the years. In 1980, corporate
Disney ordered many of them destroyed, and only eight helmets are known to have survived.
In 2002, Pat Regan of Hawaii began building and diving functional replicas of the 20,000 Leagues helmets. His work now resides in
museums, private collections, and is featured in the new expanded reprint of “the diving helmet bible,” Helmets of the Deep by Leon G. Lyons.
As of 2008, Regan continues to build and dive functional 20,000 Leagues Diving Suits
in Hawaii, and has added an authentic Disney Crowntop helmet and boots to his collection.
For those who want their own 20,000 Leagues diving gear, Regan makes everything from a single component to the entire system.
In March of 2009, Pat completed another style of diving helmet from Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the
Sea, commonly called the "Baldy". Now, he's built functional replicas of all three types seen in the movie.
For more information, visit Pat Regan’s website Vulcania Submarine, and direct your questions to him via email.

With Thanks to and courtesy of Pat Regan of The Vulcania Submarine Website. One of the best on the Web.