Craftsweld Equipment Corporation was established in 1927 by Charles Kandel. They produced equipment for welding , cutting and diving. They were located at 2625 Jackson Avenue Long Island City 1 New York, USA.

Craftsweld purchased Schrader in 1952 . It was their preference to use the Craftsweld name on the commercial helmets they produced, but they also retained the Schrader name over the years. In 1958 upon the death of Charles Kandel his two sons Richard and Robert took over the business. They operated it until their retirement in 1999. The Diving helmet part of the business was sold to Atlantic Diving Equipment Company.

Craftsweld produced 12 bolt helmets in two versions, the 3 port and the 4 port. Above is the 3 port version, un-tinned, with a screw in front port.
This helmet has not had a diverís telephone fitted.

The makers badge with the serial number clearly shows the influence of The Schrader Company.

12 bolt 4 light commercial helmet # 1711

Craftsweld 12 bolt four light commercial diving helmet, serial # 1741, circa 1990. Photo courtesy of Ed Fogderud

With thanks to Robert Kandel

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