Guest diver Sally Bazeley is seen here wearing one of our DM200 fibreglass helmets and corresponding equipment.  Air was provided to the diver from a high pressure cylinder through a diver's automat valve, which automatically increases or decreases the air pressure supplied to the diver according to the ambiant pressure i.e. the deeper the diver goes, the higher the pressure supplied.

This is one of our diver's favourite pieces of equipment due to the lightweight nature of the gear and the ease of donning the suit and helmet. 



Here we see two of our MK V pattern diving helmets and equipment in use - one the left we have Dave Ryland, a former helmet diver with a 1944 Schrader helmet.  Communication is maintained by way of a six volt University radio telephone and air is supplied to the diver from the pump, a 1915 Morse three cylinder pump which is located on the pontoon adjacent to the quay.

In the picture right Steve Uphill is demonstrating a 1960's Desco diving helmet and equipment




Under water view in  clear water at a depth of 10 meters one of our members is seen here wearing a DM20 air helmet. The red protective coating can clearly be seen from the surface. Air was supplied by a 2 cylinder Drager air pump on the quay some 50 metres away.Location Hayle Quay, North Cornwall.


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