The preservation of historical and vintage diving equipment generally falls into two categories, the simpler conservation process and the more complex restoration process, both of which play an important part in preserving equipment of our Diving Heritage. Conservation typically preserves the equipment against further deteriation whilst restoration aims to restore the item to an ‘as new’ condition or what may be perceived as a ‘like new condition’.

First we need to decide, does the item need conserving or restoring? If you are unsure of the answer then don’t do either until you are sure. Often, in common with most antiques, unless there is no alternative and you have the expertise it may be best left untouched. Polishing, repairing and poor restoration can often devalue the item so please be aware of the drawback to the various processes. In this section we hope to bring to your attention some tips, advice and pitfalls associated with the care, conservation and restoration of Historic and Vintage Equipment. Please be aware the views expressed are options based on experience and as with all aspects of this topic subject to subjective comment.

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