Another glorious day in the beautiful Cornish shipping town of Falmouth.

On Sunday 6th August members of the Falmouth Historical Divers put on a diving demonstration for The R.N.L.I at Falmouth in Cornwall . There was a static display of various items including a Bethel 'cooking pot' helmet, a Danish 2 Bolt helmet and a Siebe Gorman Mine recovery helmet. A number of vintage rubber mask were on display including a Sladen Suit helmet, a Cousteau-Gagnan regulator 'La Spirotechnique' with a Draeger Mask and a Vista Vision mask with a Merlin mark VI regulator and a Navy Beaufort life vest and a Neptune regulator.

Using a dry suit with a shallow water helmet means the diver must wear a heavy weight belt to overcome the buoyancy of the suit.The diver wearing this type of equipment must be careful not to lean too far forward as air will be lost from the helmet. Should the helmet become filled with water by leaning too far it takes approximately 30 seconds to force the water from the helmet so the diver may resume his activities.As the dive takes a really deep breath the water level will rise as more air is removed from the helmet to the diver's lungs.

The Club Diving officer Alan Jones (Ajay) is seen here , relieved to have his face glass removed. The Draeger equipment has 2 small emergency air cylinders as the chest weight. The suit has integral mittens and is totally waterproof and though appears heavy and cumbersome on dry land become weightless and easy to use when underwater.

Paul Davis demonstrates the proper use of the shallow water helmet and though the water was cool he bravely dived wearing only his normal clothes.


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