On February the 4th and 5th , 2006 the Dutch Dive Show, also called the " Duikvaker", was held in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The "Duikvaker" draws visitors from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and informs the visitors about equipment, education, holidays and other diving related issues. More than 120 stands were equipped with information and materials. The show was visited by 9000 people.

One of them drew a lot of visitors: the stand of Museum of Diving. The goal of the Museum of Diving is to inform visitors about the diving history. To do so, Kees de Jonge, Raimond Dupont, Jan de Groot and Melvin Oostdijk showed equipment from their personal collection. Among them were a complete Russian helmet diver, a complete Siebe Gorman diver, 2 Siebe diving pumps, 1 Russian diving pump, 2 Mark V helmets, a Drager, Yokohama and three different Dutch Diving Helmets. Beside informing the visitors, there was also a chance to do some actual helmet diving: 2 Dutch Diving Helmets were used in the warm water diving tank. For the first time, a big plasma screen was used to show the newest Dutch Diving Helmets promotion DVD, taken in the indoor diving pool of Monte Mare in Germany. Also, we were surprised by Ed de Bruyn, a well known Dutch landscape and harbour painter. Ed visited us when we were diving with the Siebe equipment and he asked if he could take some pictures which he wanted to use for his paintings. Especially for the "Duikvaker" Ed framed two large paintings. His paintings were the "finishing touch" of the stand.


Just as in previous years it was very nice to contribute to the "Duikvaker". It's a nice way to keep the diving history alive. Next year we'll be present again.

{With thanks to Kees de Jonge for contributing this article}  Contact to contribute.